Sunday, January 01, 2006

More with drawing from Backstreet

I've seen it before
Reminds me of Ecclesiastes where it says There is nothing new under the sun.
A natural expansion is "I've seen it all before"
Throwing it into Google gets hits for Amos Lee's "Seen it all before" and Madonna's "Sorry" to draw inspiration from.
For the piece I'm working on, I'm trying to illustrate a love unlike the distorted pictures in various songs.
Amos Lee has a line "Growing tired of chasing you" and I'm like, "Well when it gets boring just stop"
and I am reminded of Final Fantasy 8's opening printed exchange:
I'll be here...
I'll be 'waiting'
For what?
I'll be waiting ...for you... so...
If you come here...
You'll find me.
I promise.

Now that's moving. For my piece I want to contrast this expression with the ones from the Backstreet Boys, Madonna and Amos Lee.
I play the opening until I decide to move on to my next bit I plan to draw inspiration...
Shizuka na yoru ni (In the quiet night)
Again with waiting, this time at the place where the stars fall.
I've now got plenty of material to work with, so I'll go back and forth and see what makes good contrasting comparisons, make expansions and substitutions, etc.