Friday, December 30, 2005

Current work: Roughing out based on Get another Boyfriend

They say content creation takes time and work. Here is a peephole into that work:
The Backstreet Boys have some interesting tunes, but their morality reeks.
Potential exchanges here:
Initial: Friend acting as an authority into the going ons of another friends boyfriend.
Possibly to win her to himself.
The song trys to force her decision to break up with the guy.
It's really up to her, even if she believes the allegations, whether or not she wants to stay with him.

Listen, listen listen...
Throw down
Let's talk about love
I mean it
Let's have it all come out.
About What it really means
Let nothing come between the truth
Has it really come to this

There's lots to talk about
Don't want to hear
how it's just one of those things

Love as it should be
True lovers meeting.
Playing in the game of love.
I've heard the lies
Now this must come to an end.
Pepople pretending to know what it's all about
but they quickly show that they don't
Doesn't mean you get to make decisions
Can't make de

let's talk about what it takes.
Don't own them
It's not about
deliver, promises, the future
it's all about the here and now
It's not about
the past, the let downs

It's all about who you are
and who I am as well.